Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace


Description: <b>NOTE:</b> "Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace" is being renamed to "<b>Create Reports and Visualizations Using Adobe Analytics</b>".&nbsp;<div>Final class delivery under the "Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace" title will be the dates shown below. Please visit the <b>Create Reports and Visualizations Using Adobe Analytics</b> course page on our website for additional future class dates.<div><br><div>Data Analysis with Analysis Workspace is a 2-day, instructor-led (in-classroom and virtually) course designed to introduce you to Analysis Workspace and get you up and running with this powerful capability within the Adobe Analytics solution. You will learn how to navigate the reporting interface,create engaging reports to get answers to your business questions, and configure reports for effective decision-making. Using hands-on exercises, you will learn how to segment your data, create calculated metrics, implement powerful visualizations for analysis, and share your reports. This course is suitable for business analysts.</div></div></div>


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Virtual Instructor-led Training is available in APAC Region.
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Business User
2 Days

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