AEM Architect Workshop

Experience Manager Assets (DAM)

Description: <p class="xmsolistparagraph" style="margin-left:0in"><p class="MsoNormal"><span style="font-family:&quot;Source Sans Pro&quot;,sans-serif; color:#4B4B4B;background:white">Designed for Adobe Experience Manager architects, senior AEM developers, and AEM administrators, the AEM Architect Workshop is a 3-day course that covers what you need to know about Adobe Experience Manager application design, content migration methodologies, and project deployment methodologies and practices. During the workshop, architects, developers, and administrators will enter breakout sessions with their peers and design solutions for specified use cases. Solutions are then presented back to the class for an instructor-led discussion on the strategy. These breakout sessions will challenge the participants, driving the creation of solution designs and applying them to implementation walk-throughs with their peers. Since no two AEM implementations are the same, in this workshop you will encounter different perspectives shared by your peers.</span></p></p>


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Basic Information
Virtual Instructor-led Training is available in Multiple Regions
Target Audience
Administrator, Architect, Developer
3 Days

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