Deploy Using Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager As a Cloud Service

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Description: Deploy Using Cloud Manager for Adobe Experience Manager As a Cloud Service is a one day, instructor-led (classroom and virtual) course, and is relevant to Cloud Service deployment methods. Participants will learn how to manage Cloud Manager, create environments, configure pipelines, and how to test and deploy the code. This course includes topics, best practices, and tools to manage and deploy your Cloud Service projects. Participants will also gain an understanding of the new deployment tool, production and non-production pipelines, dispatcher configuration, and how customer code is added to Cloud Services. This course was developed for Cloud Service but can also be taken if you are a Managed Services customer with Cloud Manager. Most of the concepts remain the same irrespective of the differences in the different Cloud Manager flavors. Note: This course is only for experienced AEM developers and DevOps engineers. If you are new to Experience Manager, it is highly recommended to take the DevOps for AEM three-day course because this course focuses solely on Cloud Manager and not Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service. If you have already taken the DevOps for AEM course, this course is not needed.


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Virtual Instructor-led Training is available in US & Canada Region.
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Administrator, Developer

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