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General Questions

Q: What is Adobe Digital Learning Services?

A: We are the leading provider of learning, enablement, and certification on Adobe products.  Our team helps you master it all so you can deliver the ideal experience to every customer, every time.

Q: What courses are offered?

A: Fast or self-paced. On site or online. Whatever your learning style or timeline for success, we’ve got a training approach that’s right for you. We offer a comprehensive list of digital media and digital marketing courses either through us or our authorized training partners

Q: What are the benefits of training courses?

A: Successful businesses work with Adobe’s world-class products and solutions every day. When you train with Adobe, you stay ahead of the pack with digital skills that will take you anywhere you want to go.

We offer more than just old-school training, including:

  •     Skills assessment
  •     Digital marketing accreditation
  •     Certification in Adobe products
  •     Event perks, such as preconference training and other unique
        opportunities to get in front of industry leaders
  •     An All Access Pass so it’s simple and convenient
Q: I'm not sure which course is right for me. Where should I strart?

A: You can contact us to design a learning path that's the right fit for you. Also browse the full course descriptions to help you learn more about specific products you are interested in. 

Q: How do I sign up for a training course?

A: For classes offered by Adobe Digital Learning Services, simply find the class you’d like to take at a location near you and register on this site. (See all currently available courses.) For classes offered from Adobe Training Partners, use the Partner Finder to search for trainers in your area and register with them.

Q: How do I request custom training at my company?

A: Just fill out our form to request private training for up to 12 individuals at your site. Price includes travel costs. Any unused portion of this Adobe Professional Services engagement will expire 12 months after the effective date and may not be carried over or used for any purpose. Price includes up to 12 students. Note that this service is not available in India.

Q: What if I need to cancel or reschedule a course?

A: Cancellations and requests to reschedule public or private classroom, on-site classroom, virtual private or virtual public classroom training must be made at least seven (7) business days before the scheduled date of the course. You will receive a full credit that must be used before the expiration of the applicable term. No refund or credit will be granted if the request is made less than seven days in advance.

Adobe reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a training course due to low enrollment or if necessitated by an emergency or other unforeseen circumstances. In such cases, you will receive a credit for the full amount that must be used before the expiration of the applicable term. Adobe will not be liable for any nonrefundable travel arrangements. Contact us for assistance.

Q: Bank of Funds Cancellation and Terms

A: This offering creates a non-refundable bank of funds which will be decremented by the list price of each regional, online or on premise training course in which Customer enrolls, registers or attends. Customer may cancel an enrollment, without charge, if it provides Adobe with at least 7 business days advance written notice. If Customer fails to attend a training course in which it is enrolled, cancels such enrollment with less than 7 business days written notice, or fails to provide the minimum requirements (such as PCs, space, projectors) that may be reasonably requested by Adobe in order to provide an on premise training course, Customer’s bank of funds will still be decremented in the amount of the enrollment fee. In the event Adobe cancels a training course, Customer’s bank of funds will not be decremented. All unused funds as of the End Date shall expire and be forfeited.  


Q: What online training options are available to me?

A: We offer both virtual instructor-led courses and videos on demand so you can learn where and when it’s convenient for you. You can also check out our free video learning content to get a taste of what ATS training is all about.  

Q: How can I contact you?

A: You can send us a message through our website or call us.

USA & Canada: (800) 445-8787


Austria: +43 800 0706269
Belgium: +32 08 008 18 92
France: +33 0 805 54 24 73
Germany: +49 (080) 0724-4187
Italy: +39 800979433
Sweden: +46 020 1408113
United Kingdom: +44 0800 852891


Australia: +61 1800 895 293
China: +86 40 06015381
Hong Kong SAR of China: +852 030163801
New Zealand: +64 (09) 913 4325
Singapore: +65 1800 723 1369
India: +91 120 444 4716

Regional Information

Q: Are courses offered worldwide?

A: Adobe currently offers regional courses in EMEA, Asia Pacific, Japan, the United States and Canada. Private training at your company is available worldwide, except in India.

Adobe Authorized Training Center partners are authorized by Adobe to provide courses at their company location. (Note: AATC partners focus mainly on Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite product training.)

Q: Are credit cards accepted worldwide?

A: Credit card payments are accepted in North America, select European countries and select Asia Pacific regions. If you are not presented with an option to purchase via credit card, you’ll need to contact Sales to obtain a purchase order before registering for a course.

Q: How do I register for a course outside North America if I don't know my contract number?

A: Contact your Adobe account manager or sales manager for help locating your contract number. You can also contact us for assistance.  

Q: In which languages are the courses conducted (EMEA)?

A: Our trainers speak several languages. The language used depends on those in attendance; if there is one person in the class who does not speak a local language, we present the course in English.

Q: In which languages are course materials available?

A: Our course materials are available in English.  

Q: I have registered for my training course in EMEA. When will I receive the confirmation e-mail?

A: For all EMEA course registrations, a confirmation e-mail will be sent about a week before the course starts.  

Q: In which languages are the courses conducted (JPAC)?

A: In Japan, training course materials are localized in Japanese. For all other Asia-Pacific countries, they will be in English.  

Q: In which languages are course materials available (JPAC)?

A: Training course materials in JPAC are mainly localized.  

Q: I want to request on-site or regional training in a country not listed in the registration area. Can I do so?

A: Yes. Contact us directly and we will provide more information.  


General Questions

Q: What is a provisional pass?

A: A provisional pass is given when a candidate achieves a passing score  after completing their Adobe exam at PSI. Before a pass status is awarded, Adobe performs industry standard statistical analyses on all exams to ensure compliance.

Q: When will I receive my final score?

A: A candidate with a “pass” status will receive their final score status within 78 hours after completing the exam. You will receive your score by email or by going to the Adobe Credential Manager.

Note: You must have an Adobe ID to access the Adobe Credential Manager.

Q: What happens if I fail?

A: If a candidate fails on their first attempt to pass any Adobe Certified Expert Certification (ACE) exam, the candidate must wait at least 24 hours before retaking the exam. Failure to pass an exam on the second attempt requires a 24-hour waiting period before retaking the exam.  Failure to pass an exam on the third or any subsequent attempt requires a waiting period of 14 calendar days before retaking the exam. Each attempt will incur a separate exam fee.

Q: What happens if my score is invalidated?

A: A candidate with a passing score that has been revoked must wait 30 days before retaking the exam.  

Q: If I pass, can I retake the exam?

A: If you pass any Adobe Certified Expert Certification examination, you are required to wait twelve calendar months before retaking the same examination, unless Adobe changes the
test objectives for the examination.  ACE Certification Beta Certification exams may only be taken one time by each candidate.

Q: How do I prepare for my exam?

A: You should have extensive experience for all listed exam topics. The topics for each exam are in the exam guide. Review the recommended materials listed in the relevant exam guide to see if you’re ready to take the certification exam.

Q: Does attending training courses help with certification?

A: Attending training courses gives you hands-on experience and in-depth expertise in Adobe products. However, training courses are not prerequisites for a certification exam.  

Q: What is the cost to take an ACE exam?

A: It costs $180 USD (India, $120 USD) to take an ACE exam.  

Q: How do I pay for an exam?

A: You can pay for a certification exam with a credit card, or request an invoice through your salesperson. Invoiced customers will receive a voucher number to use as payment.  

Q: If I don't pass an exam, can I get a refund?

A: We do not offer refunds for failed exams.  

Q: How long do the certifications last?

A: All Adobe certifications beginning July 1, 2019, will now expire after two years and require renewal. More information on Adobe Recertification program click here.  

Q: How do I find out what I missed on my exam?

A: Adobe does not disclose exam answers. Adobe strives to maintain the highest standards to protect the integrity of the certifications you earn.  

Q: What can I do if I have a grievance with an exam question?

A: Adobe is focused on the integrity of the ACE certifications and ensuring the accreditations remain meaningful. If you have a grievance with a question, send a description of the question and your complaint to  

Q: What do I receive upon certifying?

A: All certifications offer an e-certificate and use of the ACE logo, which will be emailed to you after you sign the ACE Agreement.  

Q: Are the exams available in languages other than English?

A: Many of our exams are available in Japanese as well as English. During the registration process, you have the option of selecting which language you want to have the exam delivered.  

Q: Where can I go to read the Adobe Certification and Candidate Agreement?

A: A copy of the Adobe Certification and Candidate Agreement is available here.  

Adobe Credential Manager

General Questions

Q: Where can I get an overview of Adobe's Credential Manager?

A: For an overview of the Adobe Credential Manager, go here.  

Q: How do I log in to the Adobe's Credential Manager?

A: For instructions on how to log in to the Adobe Credential Manager, go here.  

Q: How do I create an Adobe ID?

A: For instructions on how to create an Adobe ID, go here.  

Q: How do I track my certification status?

A: You can track your certification status by going to the Adobe Credential Manager.  

Q: How do I publish my digital badges?

A: For instructions on how to publish your digital badges, go here.

Q: How can I download my logos?

A: For instructions on how to download your logos, go here.

Q: Why can't I see my exam history in the Adobe Credential Manager?

A: This could happen when the email address associated with your Adobe ID does not match the email address you used to create your Adobe Credential profile.  For instructions on how to update your profile, go here.

Q: I lost a copy of my score report. How can I get a copy?

A: For instructions on how to get a copy of your score report, go here.

Exam Registration


Q: How do I register to take a testing center exam?

A: For instructions on how to register to take a testing center exam, go here.

Q: How do I register to take an online proctored exam?

A: For instructions on how to register for an online proctored exam, go here.

Q: Where can I get more information about the procedures of taking an online proctored exam?

A: For information on the procedures of taking an online proctored exam, go here.  

Q: What are the rules and requirements for taking an online proctored exam?

A: For the rules and requirements for taking an online proctored exam, go here.  

Q: Where can I see a list of test centers to take an exam with PSI?

A: Visit the PSI test center page.

Scaled score

Q: How does Adobe determine the passing score for an exam?

A: Adobe determines the passing score for each exam through a well-established process  This process involves subject matter experts defining the minimum competence levels required to pass the exam and rating the difficulty level of all exam questions.  Adobe uses this subject matter expert feedback and the data from the actual test results to determine the passing score for each exam.  The passing score for each exam is mapped to a scaled score of 550.

Q: What is a scaled score?

A: A scaled score is a sequence of standardized numbers to which all possible raw scores for an exam are mapped. Adobe uses a scale (that is, a sequence of numbers) from 300 to 700 when reporting your exam score. The raw passing score for each Adobe exam is mapped to the scaled score of 550. Therefore, the passing scaled score for all Adobe exams is 550.  All other possible raw scores, from zero to the total number of questions on an exam, are mapped to whole numbers between 300 and 700 on the scale.

Q: How is my test score determined?

A: Your test score is determined by taking the total number of questions answered correctly (called your raw score) and dividing that number by the total number of scored questions.

Q: What is the passing score for Adobe exams?

A: The passing score for all Adobe exams is 550 on a scaled score from 300 to 700.  A score of 300 represents a score of 0% and a score of 700 represents a score of 100%.

Q: What percentage of questions are required to pass an exam?

A: The percentage of questions required to pass an exam varies for every exam.  This passing score is mapped to the value of 550 on a scaled score that ranges from 300 to 700.

Q: Can I use my scaled score to determine what percent of the test questions I got correct?

A: Dividing your scaled score by 700 will not provide you with the percentage of questions you got correct in the exam.

Q: Where can I find the percentage of questions that must be answered correctly to pass an exam

A: The passing percent score for all ACE exams can be found here

Adobe Creative Cloud and Creative Suite Certification

General Questions

Q: Why are certifications offered in both Creative Cloud and Creative Suite?

A: When you purchased a version of a Creative Suite product you were able to use that version indefinitely, so the certification remained valid indefinitely as well. When you certify on a perpetual product you continue to be an expert on that version, but as features are added and changed you will, over time, be using a different product. To ensure that all our ACEs have a level playing field, only those who are able to show they have the most current knowledge are able to represent themselves as ACEs of the most recent product/exams.  

Q: What about my certification that isn’t for Creative Cloud or Creative Suite?

A: Currently there are no changes to our other exams/certifications in the ACE program.  

Q: What if I have additional questions?

A: For certification-related questions, contact For questions about Creative Cloud, visit FAQ.  

Creative Cloud

Q: What does the release of Creative Cloud mean to the ACE program?

A: The process of registering and taking exams and becoming certified does not change with the release of Creative Cloud.

Q: Do I have to recertify every time my Creative Cloud product is updated?

A: No. Creative Cloud products are updated regularly, but not all changes will impact the skills that make someone an ACE. You will need to recertify after your ACE certificate expires to continue to represent yourself as a current Creative Cloud ACE.

Q: For how long will my Creative Cloud certifications be valid?

A: Your ACE certification for Creative Cloud  products will be valid for two years after the date you certify.  

Q: Will the beta exams count as my CC certification?

A: Yes. If you participate in our exam beta process, and receive a passing score for a live exam based on your answers to questions from a product beta, that passing score will apply toward your Creative Cloud certification. If you are interested in participating in upcoming betas, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for recruitment updates.  

Creative Suite

Q: I am currently certified in Creative Suite products. How long will those certifications be valid?

A: Your existing Creative Suite certifications will always be valid; however, they will be valid only for the product version on which you were certified.  

Q: How long will the CS6 exams be available?

A: The CS6 exams will continue to be available for as long as Adobe continues to sell and provide product support for CS6.  

Privacy Policy


Q: What is Adobe’s privacy policy on computers used in Instructor-Led classes?

Computers used in Instructor-Led classes are (1) public computers, (2) the computers will be accessed by both Adobe’s IT team and other participants, (3) users are advised not to log in to personal accounts while using these devices, (4) Adobe cannot guarantee the privacy of users if they choose to log into personal accounts against the advice of Adobe, (5) users should log out of any accounts they may have logged into during the class, and (6) Adobe IT will check the computers prior to the next course to ensure the devices are cleared from prior use.